About Jowat

Over the past 20 years, National Edging with the dedicated support of the German Adhesive manufacturer Jowat Adhesives, have supplied the kitchen industry in Sub Saharan Africa with the highest quality adhesives.

Jowat SE with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives, manufacturing over 90,000 tons of adhesives per year.

These are mainly used in woodworking and furniture manufacture, in the paper and packaging industry, for graphic arts, in the textile, automotive as well as in the electrical industry.





For superior bonding refer to the Jowat range of hotmelts with the following basis:


280.50 has become very well established in the kitchen industry due to the special functional additives, this product achieves the highest possible bonding strength in an EVA hotmelt. The new development of light coloured resins with enhanced thermal stability eliminates the common shadow line on light coloured surfaces.

Hotmelt in granular form suitable for straight and contoured panels and for all types of edge banding machines including HolzHer and BAZ work centres. With an extensive range of un-filled to filled and also coloured white and brown if required to suit your machine make, model, line speed and edging material.


237.10 Polyolefin hot melt bridges the gap between EVA and PUR edgebanding hot melts. This latest development offers a significantly higher heat and moisture resistance than a conventional EVA while still being processed in a standard EVA glue pot. This is also available in a white colour (237.11).


608.00 PUR fulfils the very highest edgebanding requirement in modern kitchen manufacturing. The significantly lower application weight required on the edged panel, paired with the translucent adhesive, results in an invisible glue line no matter what colour panel is being edged. Due to the re- active properties of this PUR, chemical cross linking develops within a few days, ensuring a water proof and heat resistant joint exceeding 150 °C. This is the first and only unfilled PUR available in granular form, offering a cost –effective solution for manufacturers without expensive PUR pre –melting units.

Reactive curing polyurethane hotmelt especially suitable for edges in high humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Jowat PUR hot melt is supplied in granular form packed in sealed 0.6kg tins and also in solid form packed in tins from 2kg to 18kg to suit your melting unit size.

National Edging has in stock, 15 different Jowat EVA hotmelt grades and 2 PUR hotmelt grades, for the use of edgebanding.

PUR Hot melts for flat lamination

Jowatherm-Reaktant 609.30 is an excellent all -rounder for flat lamination. A long open time and high initial bonding strength results in a user-friendly adhesive which shows good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Low application weights are easily achieved resulting in a cost effective application with great finishes possible on high gloss and matt foils or laminates.

PUR for Profile Wrapping

Jowatherm – Reaktant 605.20 is a high end PUR hot melt for wrapping the most difficult of substrates and foils. Wrapping un-primed PVC foils and décor foils onto aluminium and PVC moulds are effortless when running this purpose made PUR hot melt.


National Edging and National Converting Agencies has stuck with the tried and tested 103 series of Jowat D3 pvac for the past 15 years. The three products available range slightly in solid content, open time and setting time. All three are world class dispersions which have proven to play a vital part in many solid wood factories around the content. The D3 properties offer extremely high water resistance and high heat resistance deeming these products suitable for laminating wood based components being installed in the toughest of environments.

103.15 has become the standard Pvac for paper foiling and veneer pressing. The high solid content results in minimal chip swell resulting in an excellent finish on paper foil board and non- existent bleed through when pressing veneer.


End of Line Packaging

Jowat Toptherm 851.10 has been a revelation since introduced into the South African market by National Converting agencies in 2018. The low maintenance costs on hot melt equipment has shown to be a significant cost saving incentive accompanied with low application weights achieved thanks to the excellent adhesion properties of this high end metallocene polyolefin.

Jowat Toptherm 851.10 was specifically designed to have reduced stringing properties in order to insure the packaging machines stay clean at all time from glue residue even when running production on a 24 hour basis.


Deep Freeze Packaging

Jowat Toptherm 256.00 is the standard Jowat metallocene hot melt supplied by National converting Agencies for Deep freeze packaging. The special properties of the product allow for packaging trays or boxes at temperatures as low as -40°c. This is also the product of choice when requirements call for a hot melt to bond difficult surfaces like poly coated board and UV varnished surfaces.


Cap Hot melts for Beverage Industry

Jowat Cap 250.00 is specially formulated for the superior bonding of pouring caps onto beverage cartons. The extremely high heat resistance can withstand the most extreme conditions during storage and transport. The high viscosity is ideal for roller applicators on Sig Combibloc machines.



Battery Assembly

Jowat Germany have supplied polyolefin hot melt for automotive battery assembly for decades. Only recently has national converting agencies offered these products to the South African market and in doing so have seen quick success. The high heat resistance of the polyolefin polymer is ideal of the high temperature environment. Jowatherm 264.00 also has excellent resistance to batter acid hence why the product passes the most extreme testing conducted by the automotive industry.


Solvent-Based Foam Bonding Adhesives

We have a world glass range of solvent based foam laminating adhesives which are based on lower solvent content ensuring that the solids remain high to guarantee a cost effective high millage running products. Jowat are world renown for developing extremely high solid solvent based products which still have a low viscosity enabling a good spray performance.

The high solid content is the main attributor to the immediate tack value, low odour and reduced fire risk.

Jowatac 471.60 is our best running product which is benefiting mattress and upholstery manufactures around the content.


Hot melts for Pocket Spring Assembly

Jowatherm 261.65 is a purpose maid EVA hot melt for pocket spring assembly, the fast setting properties allow the product to be applied on the fastest, most modern pocket spring assembly lines. The product has great adhesion to the PP pocket casings and has a resoften point of over 100°c.


Hot Melts for mattress Assembly

Jowat Toptherm 232.30 is ideal for mattress assembly due to the long open time and high tac value. The low viscosity ensures excellent spraying performance. The advantage over commonly used pressure sensitive hot melts is that 232.30 develops a permanent flexible bond.